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London Therapy Associates offer a space where you can work on relationships, your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others. Sessions are offered in a comfortable, confidential and facilitative environment.

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Meet Claudine Maguire

Claudine Maguire

I specialise in relationships, inner relationships such as internal conflict and outer relationships including couples and family psychotherapy.

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What workshop participants say about Claudine Maguire

  • It was useful to have a space to talk about the dominant discourses that affect the way that we approach our work. Its very easy to fall into the trap of assuming that we all share similar values and therefore may privilege certain pieces of work. However, the exercises in the group made it clear that we are all coming at our work from very different angles. This enriches what we do as it encourages curiosity and open mindedness

  • It has created a difference in the way I talk with my clients. This supports different topics to be discussed and values/beliefs to be challenged in a non-confrontational, non ‘expert’ (first order) manner. This has impacted some of my clients as they are encouraged to reflect on their own thoughts/behaviour.